May 20, 2019

How to Keep Your Liquid Limestone Flooring Sparkling Clean

One of the most popular flooring choices is liquid limestone. It’s a durable and long-lasting material that can add a touch of elegance to any modern […]
October 16, 2018

Choosing the Best Driveway Paving Material for Your Next Project

Despite its ubiquity, the driveway is often considered as an afterthought when property owners plan to build a house or commercial building. But this section of […]
October 8, 2018

Boosting Your New Home’s Curb Appeal with an Exposed Aggregate Driveway

It may seem like the driveway is just a small section of the home, but how it is designed and the materials you use can make […]
October 2, 2018

Six Benefits of Liquid Limestone

Limestone and Liquid Limestone: What’s the Difference? Limestone is one of the building materials that is frequently used in the construction industry. This sedimentary rock contains […]
October 1, 2018

Fluid Limestone Alfresco Living

Now is the time of year to enjoy Alfresco living, Check out a few examples of our work from our latest projects. If you would like […]
September 30, 2018

Fluid Limestone, Our Process

All our exposed aggregate, honed aggregate, and liquid limestone mixes are premixed in batches at concrete Batching plants located in Western Australia. These premixed materials are highly customisable, which […]