Privacy Policy

Company Privacy Policy

We know that your personal privacy is important. This is why we take your personal information seriously as you browse our website. To ensure that you fully understand our privacy policy, we have described it in detail below.

We are committed to handling your information with a high degree of integrity. Cookies are used on our website to collect and store information. We use cookies because this information helps us improve our website, as well as the experience of our customers. However, we always keep personal information protected and respect your privacy.

There are two categories of data that our website collects:

1. Details about the computer and the way that it was used on our website. This includes how long you browsed our site, which pages you visited and similar information. Other types of information are more related to your computer, such as the browser provider, browser version, IP address, operating system and related data.

2. Details that you provide us with through our website. If you have browsed our website, you may have noticed a contact form that can be used for general information and free quotes. The fields of the form include your name, phone number, email address and comments section. When you submit the form you are providing us with this information for us to use.

We may use cookies to collect data while you browse our site. Cookies are small files that identify a computer, in order to collect and store information. These small files are saved in your browser, but only for a period of time before being deleted. Aside from collecting data for a website, cookies can be used for fraud prevention and web security.

There are two different categories of cookies. The first is a session cookie, which is deleted as soon as you exit the browsing window. The second is a persistent cookie, which is deleted as soon as its expiration date is reached. We use both types of cookies on our website.

Both cookies are useful because they provide us with valuable information. Information that can be used to for our website and business, in order to improve the overall customer experience. We can also provide our advertisers with this information to help them with their marketing.

If you would like to reject the cookies on your browser, then check with your browser provider. Most providers allow users to adjust cookie settings. Some providers let you reject cookies completely, while other only give you the option to reject cookies from a third party. These details can usually be found on your browser provider’s website or online documentation.

The information that we collect may be used in various ways, such as:

  • Analysing data, conducting research and compiling statistical reports.
  • Responding to customer inquiries and providing price quotes.
  • Website administration, such as design, functionality, fraud prevention and security.
  • Customer communication materials, whether for marketing or non-marketing purposes.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comment about our privacy policy.